Vehicle Servicing

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We recommend servicing your vehicle every 10,000kms for modern cars. For older models every 5,000. This will improve the performance and life expectancy of your vehicle. Regular servicing will reduce the amount of mechanical repairs of your cars lifetime saving you money in the long run.

At Jaybee Auto our vehicle servicing options include the following below;

  • Engine flush
  • Change oil (10w40)
  • Change oil filter
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check battery level and apply terminal protection
  • Test brake/clutch fluid
  • Check/lubricate suspension
  • Check/Lubricate steering joints
  • Check/test cooling system
  • Check auto transmission/gearbox oil
  • Check power steering oil
  • Check diff oil levels
  • Lubricate door hinges and catches
  • Visual check of drivebelts
  • Check and clean air filter
  • Check sparkplugs
  • Check engine tune
  • Check O2 sensor/s
  • Clean, check and adjust brakes
  • Check lights

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