Your vehicle’s battery, condition and life of it is very important to the performance of your car. At JayBee Auto Electrical we understand this and only supply quality batteries for cars, vans, trucks and marine.

We can supply batteries for anything from scooters to boats and anything in-between, in a range of specifications, sizes and voltages. Along with any fittings, terminals and wiring you may require.

Looking for a brand new battery?

We are the preferred suppliers of Excide Competitve Advantage batteries. We use the product 2xt and AP9 because the chemical produces high cold cranking amps which provides more reserve capacity supporting longer lasting battery life. Need information or a price? Call us and have a chat.

There are 3 types of Excide batteries to suit your vehicle

Economy  – Lead Acid technology to suit early model vehicle with 18 months warranty

Endurance – Calcium technology with AP9 additive to ensure that your battery gets the maximum performance and longevity. This is most suitable for modern vehicles with a balanced power system to enhance it’s life and performance with a 30 month warranty!

Extreme – Contains advanced calcium, AP9 and 2XT technology to deliver the highest performance and longevity. This battery is most suited for late model cars that have a complex charging and electrical system.


Looking for a second hand battery?

We believe batteries should be affordable for all people and we can often supply second hand batteries that are recharged, checked and come with a minimum of one month’s warranty!

Call us to talk about the right battery for your vehicle.

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